What We Offer

Solutions on how to dramatically increase revenues for messaging, voice, and data

The service we offer, Airtime On Demand ® is an airtime credit service which will allow subscribers to buy airtime instantly when they need it but don’t have funds. We advance them the airtime and they pay back later on their next top up

  • In 2012 Mobile Operators Working With Us Generated $ 310,000,000 Million Dollars In Incremental Revenue By Utilizing Our Air Time On Demand Services
  • We Are Currently Providing 1,100,000 Airtime On Demand Advances A Day, Which Is 2012 Totaled $ 360,000,000 Million Air Time On Demand Advances
  • Our Current Subscriber Base Is Over 73,000,000 Million And Counting
  • We Provide Mobile Network Operators A New Channel To Address A Service Gap And To Increase Their Voice Revenues And Show Them How To Monetize Their Mobile Data
  • We Assist Operators Drive More Revenue Through Their Core Assets And Existing Networks Thus Increasing Revenues And Helping Them Increase Their Bottom Line.

Our Solution

  • Is 100% Risk Free
  • Is 100% Cost Free
  • Offers To Fill A Niche, Service Gap For Mobile Operators
  • Offers Increased Revenues
  • Offers Increased Distribution
  • Offers Increased Arpu
  • Creates Brand Loyalty
  • Reduces Customer Churn
  • Lets You Maintain A Competitive Advantage Over your Competition
  • We Cover All Capital Expenditures And Credit Risk Associated With Advancing Airtime To Subscribers And Cost Of Implementation
  • Research And Reports From Mobile Network Operators States That More Than 2/3 Of Your Prepaid Subscribers Would Use Our Services If Offered, As It’s Available 24/7 Anytime , Anywhere, On The Spot Through Their Handsets Without Depending Only On Traditional Distribution Channels.

  • Lack Of Cash To Buy Additional Airtime Minutes When Required
  • Lack Of After Hours Purchase Locations
  • 62% Of Subscribers Use Air Time On Demand ® After 18:00.
  • Many Pre Paid Subscribers Have No Credit Cards
  • Current Top-Up Options Are Inconvenient
  • Premium Service Charged At Standard Rate
  • Easy to use, when a subscriber runs out of airtime all they do is request for an advance, by sending a designated USSD, SMS or IVR message from their handset.

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