About Us

We begin with our partners first – before ourselves, or before our own ambitions. Our charge is to find what our partners value, we then use the best concept and medium to deliver it. We believe what our partners want, and what we offer them, must at least be equal in value


Ayssar is a technology company providing mobile network operators solutions on how to dramatically increase revenues for messaging, voice, and data


Our objective is to deliver cutting edge innovative Value Added Services to mobile network operators


Our goal is to help mobile network operators increase revenues with tools to rapidly adjust to market trends

Our teams of experts do all the work. We will implement the infrastructure to support our solution in your environment and provide 24/7 x 365 customer support. Since inception, it has been company policy to provide efficient cost effective and reliable services to our clients. Our personnel have years of experience. We are therefore in a position to provide first hand professional service, advice and solutions to our partners. Our development team consists of a crew with a wide range of skills and experience

Our services assist, mobile network operators drive more revenue through their core assets and existing networks thus increasing revenues and helping them increase their bottom line. In 2012 mobile operators working with us generated 310,000,000 dollars in incremental revenue by utilizing our Air Time On Demand ® services

Our solution

Is 100% risk free

Is 100% cost free

Offers to fill a niche, service gap for mobile operators

Offers increased revenues

Offers increased distribution

Offers increased ARPU (Average Revenue Per User)

Creates brand loyalty

Reduces customer churn

We cover all capital expenditures and credit risk associated with advancing airtime to subscribers and cost of implementation

Let’s you maintain a competitive advantage over your competition

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